Domain transfer services and prices.

5 Key Rules to Transfer Your Domain

Whether you want to transfer domain in the pursuit of a higher level of service, the possibility to add new features, or to consolidate all your domains with one single registrar, you can easily make a change.

Check these five key rules before you start to transfer your domain:

1. The name you transfer needs to be already registered for 60 days or more;

2. The domain name must be previously validated;

3. The status of relations with the current registrar should be unlocked;

4. The authorization code must be acquired before the transfer;

5. The registrar’s representative must provide up-to-date contact information.

Transfer domain names from other registrars or other
Reg-Names accounts

Transfer domain from other registrars

To transfer your domain name to Reg-Names fast and easy, please follow the instruction suitable for your current registrar and make sure that you have completed all necessary steps.

Transfer domain ownership to or from any account

This option requires the agreement of both participants of the deal.

We will send an email invitation with a confirmation link to the email address associated with the receiving account. The transfer of domain name ownership will only begin after the user clicks the confirmation link. Once the process is complete and the domain is successfully moved to the other account, the new domain owner becomes liable for all the payments associated with it.

Transfer one or more domains depending on your needs

Single Domain Transfer

To transfera single domain, select the «Single domain» option in our Transfer Request form, then enter the URL of the website you would like to transfer and follow simple instructions.

Bulk Domain Transfer

Do you have several domains for transfer? There is no need to do it manually. Bulk domain transfer is a great way to save your time considerably and transfer to us two and more domain names at once. Just go to the Transfer Request form and choose the «Multiple domains» option. Enter the domains you want to transfer and submit the request.

We offer three methods for bulk transfer:

1. Transfer from a list: select the «Multiple domains» option in our Transfer Request form and introduce the list with the domain names to transfer.

2. Transfer from a file: select the «Multiple domains from file» option and upload a .csv file containing the table with the domains you would like to transfer and the authorization codes for each name.

3. Transfer from a link to a page: select «Multiple domains from URL», paste a link to a web page in the relevant field and wait for the domain names to be transferred.