Transfer Domain Name from 1&1

Transfer Domain Name from 1&1

If you decided to change your 1 and 1 domain name registrar, you should proceed with a domain transfer. It is not a complicated task, but it will take you some time and effort to do it right.

Let's find out how to transfer a 1&1 domain name correctly. What is more crucial, you want to do it in the least time possible, as website downtime is never a good thing. With that said, let's get down to the domain migration tutorial.


Transfer Domain Name to Reg Names

Reg Names is an excellent domain name registrar, so transferring your domain to us is the right choice to make. Here are the most significant steps to migrating your domain to Reg Names from 1&1:

  • Navigate to your domain management page on the 1&1 website;
  • Verify that all your administrative contacts (especially email) are correct;
  • If needed, remove the whois privacy and correct your administrative contacts and user data;
  • Enable domain transferring by unlocking your domain on 1&1;
  • Get the Authorization/EPP code on 1&1 for your domain transfer;
  • Approve the 1&1 domain transfer.


Now, let's review every migration step in detail.


Navigate to Your Domain Management Page on the 1&1 Website

Firstly, to transfer your domain name from 1&1 host, you need to log in to your 1&1 account. Just go to the company website and hit that "Sign in” button. After that, select the "Manage Domains" menu point.

1&1.Navigate to Your Domain Management Page on the 1&1 Website

Check Your Administrative Contacts

Correct contact data is integral to successful domain transfer. Here's the thing: any accidental errors during the transferring process will require you to prove your identity via email. If your administrative information is out of date, it will certainly take a while to regain access to your domain.

Navigate to the Start -> Domains & Webspace -> Domains, check the domain name you want to transfer and hit the Show Contact Details link that appears when you click on the arrow located near the "Contact" button.

Next, you will see the Domain Contact Details section, where you can verify your data. Pay attention to the email address here, as you will need it later during the migration process.

You can skip the next step of disabling the WHOIS privacy if you don't need to update your administrative contacts on 1&1.

Remove Privacy Protection to Update Your Data

On the Domains page go to the Privacy & Contact Details tab. This is where you can find out whether your domain registration is private and needs an update or you can skip to editing the contacts.

If your registration is private, set it to Public and then press the Submit button at the bottom of the webpage.

1&1.Remove Privacy Protection to Update Your Data

If you go to the Overview page, you can see the "Updating" domain status. This indicates that the 1&1 is applying the changes you've made. Wait until it becomes "Ready" again to continue your domain name transfer.

You can now change your data by following the Edit All Contact Details link in the same dropdown called by the arrow next to the Contact button on the Domains page. The process is identical to the privacy changing, but you can edit your contacts now.

Enable Domain Transferring by Unlocking Your Domain on 1&1

As soon as your domain name is "Ready" again, you can unlock its migration. Go to the Domains page, choose the Manage Domains option and click on the domain you want to migrate.

1&1.Enable Domain Transferring by Unlocking Your Domain on 1&1

Navigate to the Registration & Transfer section. You can see the domain transfer lock switcher here. Unlock the domain transferring.

Get the Authorization/EPP Code on 1&1 for Your Domain Transfer

Now that domain transfer is enabled, it's time to get the authorization code and initiate the migration procedure. You can find the Change provider line in the same Registration and Transfer tab. Click the Show Authorization Code link.

1&1.Get the Authorization/EPP Code on 1&1 for Your Domain Transfer

1&1 will redirect you to the provider changing instructions. Consult them, copy the EPP code and press the Close button. You've made one more step towards your domain transfer.

Approve the 1&1 Domain Transfer

This is the final phase of your domain name migration. As soon as you've initiated the domain transfer, it will take up to five days to complete the procedure. You should approve the transfer via the link in the email 1&1 will send you.

You can expedite the operation by completing the additional form of authorization or contacting the 1&1 support to find out whether they can release your domain manually.

Transfer Domain Name to Another Person

Sometimes you will need to transfer your domain to someone else. Further actions will depend on whether the person has an account on 1&1.

Transfer Domain Name to Another Person on 1&1

Transferring your domain name to another Contract of 1&1 IONOS is a matter of a few minutes. Please refer to the 1&1 IONOS Help Center Post where they cover all the aspects of domain transfer of this host.

Transfer Domain Name To Another Person i.e. Registrar

If you need to transfer your domain to another person, who doesn't own a hosting account, we highly recommend using Reg Names as your trustworthy host. We offer quality services at competitive prices.

If the person has an account with another hosting company, follow the steps described above and consult the instructions the person's host provides.

Transfer Domain Name to Another Account

It is not a difficult task to transfer your domain to a different Customer ID on 1&1. Just bear in mind the following points:

  1. 60-days limit. 1&1 IONOS allows transferring domains that are 60 days or older. Refer to the ICANN page for more details;
  2. Disable the transfer lock. 1&1 protects your top-level domains from unauthorized transfers. The lock is activated by default, so please switch it off;
  3. Disable private registration. Whois Privacy ensures your private data doesn't get exposed. 1&1 requires you to turn it off before you start domain migration.

How Long Does Domain Transfer from 1&1 Take?

The domain transfer process usually takes up to several days. Most often, 1&1 holds your domain for 4-6 days before another host gains full access to your domain name. Of course, you can make it faster by forcing the transfer.

How to Enable Domain Transfer on 1&1 Account

You should unlock transferring for the desired domain names on the Registration & Transfer tab. Just switch off the domain transfer lock, and you are good to go. Two more things to keep in mind are the 60-day initial lock and the privacy protection. You should deactivate the latter in order to proceed with your domain migration.

How Much Does It Cost to Transfer a Domain Name from 1&1?

The very first thing you should consider when estimating the transfer costs is the host's pricing policies. Different registrars change different fees for the domain transfer. As a rule, it will cost you from $25 to $70 to migrate your 1&1 domain name.

What Can Cause a Transfer to Fail?

In most cases, you won't have any issues with the domain transfer. The procedure is rather simple and straightforward. Follow the host's instructions and verify your administrative contacts to make sure the domain migration doesn't fail.


If you decided to transfer your domain name to another registrar, follow the steps we've covered above to exclude all the inconveniences.

If you seek for a modern and powerful domain name host, check out Reg Names services. We are a team of dedicated people delivering the value to ones needing a stable and affordable domain hosting.