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How to Nail Domain Search with Reg-Names

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How to Use Our Domain Name Search Services

You can follow one of two paths depending on your situation: either you already know exactly what you want and just need to purchase the domain name or you haven't made up your mind yet. So, ask yourself, 'Am I sure about the domain name I want?'

Instant Domain Search

You already decided upon the domain name. Using our service, you can perform domain check to see if it's available and purchase it if it is. In case it's already taken, you can always use our available domain name search or domain name generator to find your perfect option.

Available Domain Names Search

If you haven't pinned down what domain name would be the best one, this type of domain search is for you. You can browse all domain names available at the moment and filter them by extensions, certain words or letters, or numbers.

Our Domain Name Search Features

With our domain lookup service, you can use a number of filters to make your search faster and simpler.

Search Domains by Price

Set your desired price range if you want to stay within a specific budget and look only for cheap domain names.

Search Domain Names by Extensions

An extension is a top-level domain that you can see at the end of each domain name (like .com, .net, .us, .org, .fr). There are three categories of TLDs to choose from for you to narrow down your search if you know what kind of TLD you want.

  • Any TLD. Choose this option if you don't care what TLD will be included in the domain name, or if you don't know which one would be the best yet;
  • Generic TLD. These include .com, .info, .org, and .net TLDs, as well as .biz, .pro, and .name (however, keep in mind that domain name registration within the last three TLDs requires compliance with TLD-specific guidelines);
  • Country codes TLD. These include country-specific TLDs, from usual .us and .fr to more exotic ones like .me (Montenegro) and .tv (Tuvalu). All of the country code TLDs consist of two letters;
  • Featured TLD. These enable you to show your brand identity with your TLD. They can be profession- (.actor), industry- (.travel) or business-specific (.market) – or just offbeat (like .ninja).

Search Domains by Letters

You can make the search results more relevant for you by entering certain letters or words that the domain name should contain. Here four options for you to do that:

  • By some words. Enter the keyword(s) that the domain name has to contain in any part of it;
  • By random letters. Enter the letters that you want to see in any part of your domain name (e.g., if you want to have 'rrr' to highlight your brand identity);
  • Started with letters. The listed domain names will start with the letters (or words) you've entered;
  • Ended by some letters. The listed domain names will end with the letters (or words) of your choice.

Domain Search by Numbers

You can filter your search results by the numbers you want to include in the domain name in three ways:

  • 1, 2 or even only numbers. You can enter any number of numbers and even select only the domain names that consist of numbers and no letters to be shown;
  • Domains started with numbers. All the listed domain names will start with the numbers you've entered;
  • Domains ended by numbers. All the listed domain names will end with the numbers of your choice.

Bulk Domain Name Search: Why & How

Do you need several domain names? We've got you covered. Purchasing domain names similar to your current one is your number one step to ensure your customers won't go to a competitor's (or scammers') website with a similar name. We offer you three unconventional types of domains to choose from.

Social Domain Name Search

Do you want to spice up your domain name and make it stand out? We offer a variety of TLDs to help you make your brand unconventional, and here are three examples of them:

  • .ninja domains. If you want to make an impression of a ninja (quiet, stoic, reliable, expert), this domain name is for you;
  • .rocks domains. You can be associated with stability and reliability (like rocks themselves), or put something that rocks in the domain name;
  • .social domains. Choose this TLD if your website is aimed at fostering social connections or you specialize in social networks.

Business Domains Search

Here are top 3 TLDs worth your attention if you are looking for an outstanding domain name for your business:

  • .business domains. Suitable for any business that strives to have a domain name like [Company's Name].business (and highlight their line of business);
  • .capital domains. Perfect for venture capital companies, angel investors, and investment firms;
  • .company domains. Great for any company that would like to have a domain name like [Company's Name].company.

Professional Domain Name Search

Here are just three out of hundreds of professional TLDs that will convey a clear message about who you are to your potential clients:

  • .dentist domains. Choose these ones if you are a self-employed dentist or a dental clinic;
  • .healthcare domains. They are the best for healthcare institutions and companies;
  • .lawyer domains. These are for you if you are a self-employed lawyer or a law firm.

Search Domains for Sale

Sometimes, domain name owners put them out for sale (this can happen due to a variety of reasons). Use your chance to find a gem among such domain names (perhaps even cheaper than a domain registration!). All you need to do is enter your keyword(s) or browse and filter our list of the hottest expired, premium, and auction domains for sale.

Search Expired Domain Names

When the domain name owner doesn't renew it, it becomes expired. There is usually some time that has to pass between the expiration date and its availability for sale, but it doesn't have to stop you. You can use our domain search service to find an expired name and backorder it – and we'll purchase it for you as soon as it becomes available.

Search Premium Domains

In case you don't want to limit yourself to cheap (and often dull) domain names, check out our selection of premium available domain names. You can use all of our search features to filter them and find your next domain name.

Search Auction Domains

In case the owner decides to sell their domain name, they can put it on auction – so, the highest bidder will get the name being sold. Usually, domain owners set the minimum bid possible. You can browse the domains currently on auction and see the number of bids, estimated value, the end of the auction for each offer and bid right on our website.

Search Domain Name Ideas with Our Generator

In case you are struggling with finding that one perfect domain name, our domain name generator is here to help you out. It will also be helpful if you don't know which TLD will suit your domain name best.

Enter your keyword(s), view the domain name suggestions sorted in categories, filter them if necessary, and choose the most appealing domain name (or try other keyword(s). Our generator limits you neither in the length of the domain name nor in TLDs.