Top level domain name services and prices.

Top Level Domains (TLD)

A great business begins from a website, and the foundation of a superb website is the right domain name. The highest level of a domain name is the top level domain (TLD), standing at the end of an address to complete the formation of a fully qualified domain name.

So what is a top level domain? TLDs structure the root of the identity of a web address, providing information about the location and specification of a website and distinguishing it from others. A single site can have multiple top level domain names that will direct the user to the same page. There are several kinds of TLDs, including generic, country code, and infrastructure-related ones. Here we elaborate on each of the types to help you find your way around.

Generic Top Level Domains

When someone wants to register TLD, the chances are that the first thing they’ll go for will be generic top level domain extensions. A basic top level domain list for generic domains will look familiar to anyone:

Generic Internet TLDs were the first ones to emerge on the market. Some of them, like .gov and .edu, are now called “sponsored domains” and restricted to limited types of owners. Other domains have become themed: e.g. .jobs.

New Top Level Domains

Since the establishment of the first TLDs the demand for more has been increasing - Internet activity in general, as well as the variety of websites, has spiked up since early 2000s. Nowadays, many new domains are being submitted for evaluation, including personalized and brand extensions. The most popular new domain names that you might be familiar with are .online, .app. The complete new domains list can be found online as it was released in 2013.

About ICANN Era

ICANN was created two decades ago to support and expand the Internet through contracts with extension registries and domain selling vendors. This promotes the open and communal nature of the web across governments and business organisations from all over the world. The ICANN era has brought about 1400 new top level domains, as well as the root name servers.

Country Codes Top Level Domains

Top level domain search can be refined to ccTLDs - country-specific domain extensions. Ending your domain name with such a registry will add a local touch to your website and demonstrate where you’re based - this is especially useful for e-commerce stores and small businesses. A top level domain example can end with one of the following:

Geography Top Level Domains

A more expensive, higher class global top level domain can also expose a website’s geo location:

Buy top level domain with a geographical specialization from registrars like Reg Names to enforce an association with ethnic and cultural features to become closer to your community.

Second Top Level Domains

Second-level domains tend to specify the hierarchy and organization owning the website. As such, using a extension will signify an educational establishment. All top level domains can be advanced in this manner:

Top Level Domain Extensions

Do you own an industry-specific website? Register top level domain that will show the area of commerce you’re in, putting you on the line with colleagues and competitors and adding professionalism to your website address. This feature is available for enterprises in real estate, business, e-commerce, technology, and many more.

Real Estate TLD

Real estate specialists can buy top level domain specific to their area of expertise, raising their position on the market. This is relevant to industries like hospitality and booking:

Business TLD

Corporations and local businesses that seek to be in the position of authority can make use of short, serious and resolved domains by performing TLD registration using businesslike extensions:

E-Commerce TLD

E-commerce stores and marketplaces will benefit from implementing categorical names extensions to give customers clarity and definition:

Technology Domain Name Generator

Media and technology specialists that own a website might be interested in purchasing a professionally constricted extension to boost their image and show off experience:

Top Level Domain Check Availability

You can check available TLDs using TLD search engines such as Reg Names. Easy to navigate and handy tools like that will allow you to specify your search criteria to find exactly what you’re looking for. Another option would be requesting a list of all top level domains if you’re looking for a broader spectrum of ideas. Finally, the WHOIS Lookup tool is always exceptionally useful if you are after an explicit domain name.

Find the perfect domain by using keywords, numbers and letter combinations, searching particular features and extensions. Utilize the option of searching in bulk by typing in a list, providing a link to a page or uploading a file listing TLDs of your interest.

Buy Top Level Domains

Whether you’re looking to invest in your first domain name or acquire different extensions for a domain name you’re already using, you can buy TLD from multiple registrars online: these include Reg Names, GoDaddy, Namecheap and others. The procedure is straightforward once you have an account with one of the services.

TLD Prices

The prices for TLDs are likely to vary depending not only on the domain name, but also on the registrar you’re using. When it comes to domains, it might not necessarily mean that the more expensive your name is, the more profit it will bring you - there are plenty of more economical options that will guarantee you business success. You can find the cheapest TLD at Reg Names - ensure you’re efficient with your finances while maintaining high standards and quality of your website.

TLD Fees

Domain names are easy to maintain as long as you remember to renew your yearly registration to avoid expiration. The fees for registration renewal are different for each domain name and provider and can be easily found on the service’s website or online.

Buy TLD By Bitcoin

Bitcoin has been gaining popularity, being arguably the most secure and fastest transaction way there is. If you’re looking for a registrar that will accept digital currency payments for TLD purchase, Reg Names might be your provider of choice.

Buy TLD By Credit Card

Regardless of your preferred card payment, you will be sorted if you buy your domains with Reg Names. Every possible card type is available without commission:

  • Master Card;
  • VISA;
  • VISA Electron;
  • Maestro.

Buy TLD By Paynet

Whichever organization you’re banking with, you might be one of those people who have turned to e-wallets to keep your money and transactions for the sake of convenience. If you manage multiple wallets with different currencies, you can use Paynet to buy TLDs at Reg Names.

Buy TLD By Yandex Money

Russian clients often prefer to use Yandex Money to make their purchases as it is more convenient if most of your transactions are performed in rubles. Reg Names have got this option available for your convenience.


Being one of the most widespread payment methods worldwide, the QIWI way of money transfer should be an essential variant for any domains provider. Choose QIWI at Reg Names checkout if this is about you.

Register Top Level Domains

In order to register a domain, you first need to create an account with a registrar. We recommend Reg Names, as it is one of the cheapest, most convenient services available, and it also has a wide selection of TLDs to choose from. Upon registration, you can pick any domain extension and choose a domain name as long as it is available - check the availability at the Reg Names website.

Top Level Domain List

You can request a list of available TLDs online from WHOIS or from your registrar specific to your search parameters and preferences. Additionally, you can type in your own list using the bulk search function to inquire whether certain names of interest are free or have been put up on auction.