Domain name generator and domain suggestion tool

Domain name generator and domain suggestion tool

Sooner or later, every startup owner starts thinking about the domain name for their website. You should take this decision thoughtfully because in the future the customers will associate your domain name with your products and brand. After all, the URL is not just a web address identifying an online platform. It should give a clear and brief impression of your business.

Our smart online domain name generator reduces the time you may need for your search and provides a number of useful suggestions you can choose from. Read further to learn how exactly this tool can assist you in winning the right domain name.

Generate More Ideas

Your domain name is very important and should express the idea of what you are doing. It has to be short, catchy, memorable and unique. If you ran out of great ideas, you can always entrust the brainstorming to our free domain name generator tool.

3 simple steps to create a catchy and attractive domain name:

  • 1. Enter the word you want for your domain name in the field above — choose one or several words that describe your business or activity. Before using the suggestions generator it is better to brainstorm your ideas first, so you identify the specific keywords relevant to your website.

  • 2. Our domain name suggestion tool will generate a list of domain names containing the given word(s) using suffixes and prefixes. Check what are the suggested options and pick a suitable and creative short domain name. As you know, time is key when it comes to domain names — what’s available today can be taken tomorrow — so act fast!

  • 3. Follow a simple registration and put your domain name of choice to use!


Keep it Short

Speaking about domain names, it is worth mentioning that simplicity plays a key role here. The visitors will go to your webpage not only from the search engines but also by typing the domain name in the browser bar. Therefore, you should ensure that your domain name is memorable and easy-to-type. It is a good idea to use abbreviations of several letters if your company’s name is too long.

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Featured extensions


Real Estate

If you have a real estate business, try to choose an extension that connects words associated with your business.

.agency .apartments .construction


For business companies, it is better to check available domain names suggestions that refer to the field.

.business .capital .company


Our website domain name generator provides various options for the social media domain names.

.events .social .media


There are more and more online shops opening. Stand out among the competitors and pick a domain associated with your products or services.

.market .taxi .store


Domain name suggestion tools generate diverse options for the owners of the business in the field of healthcare, law, etc.

.dentist .healthcare .lawyer



.tech .software .cloud