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Domain name generator and domain suggestion tool

Sooner or later, every startup owner starts thinking about the domain name for their website. You should take this decision very responsibly because in the future your domain name will be associated with your products and brand by your customers. After all, the URL is not just a web address identifying an online platform. It should give a clear and brief impression of your business.


There are special online tools called domain name generators that can reduce the time needed for the name suggestions search. It recommends various possible options you can choose from. Read further to learn how exactly this tool can assist you in winning the right domain name.



How to Generate Domain Names for Available Extensions?


The first thing to do when creating a website is to select the most suitable domain name in a specific domain zone. From the technical point of view, there is no difference which domain zone you register the name for your webpage in. However, if you focus on visitors from a particular country, then it is better to have a regional extension like .eu, .uk, .de, .ru, etc. If you focus more on international recognition, then it is best to pick the international zone or generic TLD (.org, .net, .info, .com).


The domain name generator tool gives the opportunity to choose from the following top-level domain (TLD) names:


  • Any TLD;
  • Generic TLD;
  • Country codes TLD;
  • Geographic TLD.



How to Generate Domain Names for Available Extensions




Short Domain Name Generator


Speaking about the domain names, it is worth mentioning that simplicity plays a key role here. The visitors will go to your webpage not only from the search engines but also by typing a domain name in the browser bar. Therefore, you should ensure that your domain name is memorable and easy-to-type. It is good to use abbreviations of several letters if your company’s name is too long.


Generate domains by letters


With the help of the domain name suggestion tools, you can easily pick a creative short name. You can filter the search results by applying certain criteria like a particular syllable or random letter. There are several options to check in the suggestions generator:

  • by number of letters (3, 4, 5 letters and so on);
  • by random letters;
  • starting with letters;
  • ending by some letters;
  • one word names.


Domain generator by numbers


It is also possible to include a number in domain names. If you want to check if your favorite one is still free, the domain suggestion generator will inform you about its availability. You can sort out the names by:

  • 1, 2 or even only numbers;
  • Domains starting with numbers;
  • Domains ending by numbers.


Bulk Domain Name Generator


If you aim to buy multiple domain names, it is better to use a bulk domain generator. It supports all the important TDLs. So, if one zone extension for the chosen name is taken, then you see its availability within other extensions. This is very convenient as your options are not limited.


In addition to the mentioned zone extensions, there are also specialized ones like .toys, .club, .boutique, .camera, etc. Already from the meaning of the words, we can understand what these websites are about. Although such names sound nice, the search engines do not always list them in the search results.



If you have an idea for a domain name for your business but do not know if it is still available, you can check it in bulk website domain name generator. There are various types of tools and search filters depending on your business field. A very specific name will help you stand out from the competitors.



Real estate domain name generator


If you have a real estate business, try to choose an extension which connects words associated with your business. The options can be:

  • .agency domains;
  • .apartments domains;
  • .builders domains;
  • .condos domains;
  • .construction domains.


Business name generator


For business companies, it is better to check available domain names suggestions which refer to the field. Start your search with:

  • .business domains;
  • .capital domains;
  • .company domains.


Social domain name suggestions tool


Domain name script provides various options for the social media domain names. Here are several possible options:

  • .buzz domains;
  • .events domains;
  • .social domains;
  • .media domains.


E-commerce domain names generator


As e-commerce is growing, there are more and more online shops opening. To stand out among the competitors, we advise picking a name associated with your products or services. Depending on your sales field, you can choose from:

  • .market domains;
  • .taxi domains;
  • .forsale domains;
  • .shoes domains;
  • .parts domains;
  • .store domains.


Professional domain generator online


Domain name suggestion tools generate diverse options for the owners of the business in the field of healthcare, law, etc. Check if the name of your company can use one of the following extensions:

  • .dentist domains;
  • .healthcare domains;
  • .lawyer domains.


Professional domain generator online



Technology domain name generator


If you provide any kind of technical services and support, your domain name has to express it. Whether you sell gadgets or provide software development, it is advisable to have a TDL which tells clearly about your business. You can start by checking these extensions in a web domain name generator:

  • .camera domains;
  • .tech domains;
  • .video domains;
  • .systems domains;
  • .software domains;
  • .storage domains;
  • .cloud domains.


Ideas Suggestion for Domains for Sale


There are numerous online platforms where you can check whether your chosen domain name is free or already taken. The website domain generator has different settings that can be set. Some of them implement a completely random selection, others provide a very specific or full range of search configurations. Sometimes, you can even find the information about upcoming auctions where you can buy the name you’re interested in.


However, before using the domain name suggestion engine it is better to brainstorm your ideas first. Then, you can choose several options that sound good to you and monitor the suggested extensions. You will most likely find a good enough name for your website within a short time.



The Bottom Line


Your domain name is very important for recognition among the customers. It has to be short, catchy, interesting, memorable and unique. At the same time, it should express the idea of what you are doing. If you ran out of great ideas, you can always entrust the brainstorming to the free domain generator tool. Luckily, there is an option to specify your search according to your criteria, so you can pick the most suitable domain name.