Delivery and Refund Policy


1. DELIVERY. By filling out an application for registration of a domain name, the Customer expresses his intention to register a domain name and pay for it.After depositing to the Seller's account Brainoza OU payment for the domain name, the Seller provides the domain name to the Customer.For the understanding of the parties, the provision of a domain name means the activation of the ordered service by the Seller and the ability for the Customer to use the domain name.The domain name will be provided within 24 hours from the date of payment and will be valid only during the paid period.

2. ACCOUNT. After the Customer's request for domain name registration and payment, the Seller will issue an invoice and send it to the Customer by e-mail specified during registration.

3. ENTITLED TO A REFUND. According to Art. 16 of the Emergency Resolution №. 34/2014 on consumer rights under agreements concluded with professionals, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised after the full provision of services in the case of domain registration. In these cases, the Customer declares that he / she is aware that he / she loses the right of withdrawal after the full performance of the agreement by Brainoza OU.The Customer undertakes to execute the Agreement from the moment of appearance of the right to use the domain name. Therefore, in all these cases, the execution of the Agreement begins with the explicit prior consent of the Customer.