Terms and Conditions Reg-Names.com


1. GENERAL TERMS OF USE. Website reg-names.com owned and operated by BRAINOZA OU.

Navigation on the site reg-names.com with subsequent registration of a domain name is equivalent to the reading, understanding and accepting following Terms and Conditions (hereafter "Agreement") by any user.

reg-names.com reserves the right to change and update the content of the site at any time, including the Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

In case of discrepancies or misunderstandings between reg-names.com and the Customer will be applied Terms and Conditions at the time of the domain name registration request.

By accepting the terms of the Agreement at the time of domain name registration, you agree to enter into an online agreement which is the basis the online sale. This agreement is binding and won’t be changed or negotiated between the parties.


User - anyone who visits the site reg-names.com

Customer - an individual / legal entity requesting domain name registration.

Domain registration - an expression of the Customer's intention to register a domain name on the Internet on his own behalf and make a payment for it.

Seller - BRAINOZA OU "having the following identification data: registered in the Commercial Register no. 16547924 , registration code EE102539217, e-mail acc@brainoza.com, phone +3726104205, address: Kesklinna linnaosa, Vesivärava tn 50-201, Tallinn, Estonia.

Agreement - an agreement under which the Customer requests the registration of a domain name in his name, and the Seller agrees to register the domain for a fee made by the Customer.

3. REGISTRATION OF USERS. To create an account on the site reg-names.com, the User must register a valid email address. 

reg-names.com may reject a registration request in situations where it is found that the User has provided false informatioт, or uses the service in an inappropriate way.

4. CHOOSING A DOMAIN NAME. We cannot verify and do not verify whether the domain name you choose or the use of the domain name violates the legal rights of other parties. We insist you to check if chosen name or its use violates the legal rights of other parties. You should be aware that the court may require us to cancel, change or transfer the domain name. You should be aware that if we are sued or threatened with legal action against your domain name, we will contact you to defend our innocence and indemnify you.

Customer acknowledges that the domain name is not registered for purposes contrary to law, and its use will not violate any laws or regulations.

5. PRICE. All prices shown on the website are in the US dollars ($), Euro (€), RON and do not contain T. V. A. Payment is made by the Customer online (by credit card).

All payments made are non-refundable unless otherwise stated. In addition, you agree to:

- provide current, complete and accurate information about you as requested during the registration process;

- maintain and modify this information as necessary to keep it current, complete and accurate.

You hereby grant us the right to share this information with third parties.

6. WARRANTY RESPONSIBILITY. By completing and submitting a domain name request, you represent that the information you submit is true and that the domain name you choose does not violate the rights of third parties.

You agree and warrant that the information you provide when registering or reserving a domain name is accurate and complete, and any subsequent changes to that information will be provided in accordance with the change procedures. You agree that use of our service is entirely your responsibility. You agree that such Service is provided "as it is", "as it is available".

7. AGREEMENT PERIOD. The agreement shall enter into force upon payment by the Customer for the service and shall be valid for the entire period of existence of the Customer's account as a user.

8. CHANGES TO THE AGREEMENT. The Customer agrees that during the term of the Agreement we can:

- review the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement;

- modify the services provided under this Agreement.

Any revision or change to the terms will be applied immediately upon posting of the updated Agreement on the site. The Customer agrees to periodically review the site reg-names.com to be aware of any update. If you do not agree to any revision of the Agreement, you may terminate it at any time by sending an email or regular mail to Kesklinna linnaosa, Vesivärava tn 50-201, Tallinn, Estonia. 

Notice of termination shall be entered into force upon receipt and processing by us. You agree that by continuing to use our services after any revision of the Agreement, you are approving the modification or revision of this Agreement.

9. DISPUTES CONCERNING ON THE DOMAIN NAME. You agree that if the registration or reservation of your domain name is disputed by a third party, the dispute resolution Policy enter into force at the time of the dispute shall apply. You agree that in the event of a dispute about a domain name with a third party, you will confirm our innocence and incur the costs of damages in accordance with the terms of the dispute resolution Policy.

10. POLICY DISPUTES. In case of a dispute over a domain name between two organizations or individuals, one of which claims to have a superior right to register that domain name, BRAINOZA OU "will assist the parties by mediation in the matter. BRAINOZA OU "will seek to determine whether it is possible through the impartial intervention of  BRAINOZA OU find a mutually acceptable solution to the dispute.

BRAINOZA OU "may request suspension of domain name delegation in the following cases:

- the domain name is used in a way that causes confusion among Internet users;

- The domain name is managed in a way that can compromise the operation of the DNS.

If mediation has not been successful, both the applicant and the Customer can resolve the dispute in court in Tallinn, Estonia.

11. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY. You confirm that when registering or reserving the selected domain name, the domain will not have immunity in case of claims or issues related to registration and reservation.

You agree that all our liability is limited and our remedies for any Service provided under this Agreement and any breach of Agreement are limited only to the amount paid for that Service. We and our contractors shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, or special damages arising out of the use or inability to use the Service, or for costs of replacing the Service. We are not liable for any damages or charges arising from (but not limited to) the following cases):

- loss or damage caused by delays and/or interruptions in access;

- loss or damage as a result of non-transmission of all or part of the data;

- loss or damage as a result of errors, omissions, incorrect statements about any or all services provided under this agreement;

- loss or damage as a result of updating or disrupting the website.

Customer agrees that we cannot be held liable for any loss in the registration and use of the domain name; for interruption of activities or other indirect, special or incidental damages (including lost profits), regardless of their form; for tort, damage (including negligence) and so on, even if we have been informed about the possibility of such damage.

12. CANCELLATION. You agree that your domain name can be cancelled (removed) or suspended use other services if the information that you provide when registering or modifying a domain name contain false or misleading information or hide (lose) any information that we believe to be important when registering your domain name

13. NOTES. Any note or other communication relating to this Agreement will be sent in writing by e-mail or regular mail. Notes in electronic format will be sent to the address acc@brainoza.com . Mails will be sent to the address: Kesklinna linnaosa, Vesivärava tn 50-201, Tallinn, Estonia.

14. CONCLUSION. You agree that this Agreement, the terms and conditions published on the site are the exclusive agreement between you and us regarding the registration of a domain name. This Agreement supersedes any prior understandings or understandings established by practice, policy or precedent.

15. MINOR. By accepting our services, you represent that you are of legal age to enter into this Agreement.

16. ADOPTION OF THE AGREEMENT. By accepting our services, including payment, you confirm that you have read this Agreement and agree to all its terms. You have independently assessed the need to participate as a party to this Agreement and do not rely on any representations, warranties or statements other than those set forth in this Agreement.