Domain Name Registration

Are you ready to launch your own website? We've got you covered - using the Reg-Names domain check and registration service, you can always find and register the domain name that will help you stand out among thousands of other websites.

Domain Registration Services

With our search, there are no limitations on your journey to the perfect domain name. You can check if the domain names you have in mind are available with various TLDs, generate the names that may suit you based on your keywords. Furthermore, you can perform domain search based on a number of criteria (TLDs, thematic categories, and featured letter) to find a perfect fit at a suitable price.

Domain Registration Features

Once you've found your domain name(s) with our domain name search, it is time for registration! Our domain name registration services come in two varieties - you can either register one domain name or several of them in bulk.

Single Domain Name Registration

If you are limited in terms of the budget and/or you've found the perfect domain name, you can register it at our one-stop-shop website. We recommend you to check domain availability for various TLDs (top-level domain, such as .org or .io) using the same second-level name - the pricing often depends on TLDs as well (for instance, .co will be more expensive than .com).

Bulk Domain Name Registration

This option suits big sharks who want to make sure they don't get confused with other websites and/or want to protect themselves from the competitors. So, if you would prefer bulk domain registration, we've got you covered as well: you can register several domain names in several clicks:

  • From a List. Copy and paste the list of the needed domain names;
  • From a File. Upload a file with the list of the domain names;
  • From a Link to Some Page. Paste a link to a page with the preferred domain names.

We offer discounts for the customers that register domain names in bulk - so, it's not just fast but also cost-efficient.

New Domain Registration

In order to register a new domain name, you can use three approaches: check the domain name availability, search for domain names based on certain criteria, or generate a suitable one using our respective feature.

Check Domain Availability

Already have a perfect domain name(s) in your mind? You can check whether it's available, how much it would cost depending on the TLD, and see additional information on the name via WHOIS using our service.

We provide both single and bulk domain availability check features - so, you can either type in your domain name idea or upload a list of potential ones.

Search Domain Name

We strive to make the search as efficient as possible for you - so, you can use a number of filters to make the domain lookup fast and resultative. These filters include letters featured in the name and/or their number, the preferred TLDs (country-specific ones, generic ones, or any of them), and domain extensions related to your line of business (such as .coffee or .academy).

Generate Domain Name

Can't come up with a unique idea for an outstanding domain name? Use the help of our domain name generator - just type in your keywords and see what options you have. Using our tool, you can find domain names with any TLDs and of any length - or, you can limit your search to certain criteria.

Private Domain Name Registration: WHOIS Guard Services and Options

When you purchase a domain name, you need to provide domain ownership information (which is your personal data) to WHOIS public directory - so, anyone could see who owns the website. This opens the door to spammers, annoying marketers, data miners, and identity thieves. Fear not - we can ensure that your mailing and email address, as well as the phone number, don't end up in the WHOIS system with our private registration service.

Expired Domain Name Registration

If a domain name doesn't get renewed on time by its owner, it becomes expired. Expired domain names are worth your attention as you may find your perfect one there. Although you they don't get available for purchase right after the expiry (owners still have some time, a grace period, to reclaim them, and it could last from a couple weeks to months), you can find the ones you like and backorder them. If you do, we'll acquire cheap domain names for you automatically as soon as they become available.

Auction Domains Registration

After the domain name's owner fails to renew it and the grace period is over, the domain name is put on an auction. On our website, you can find aggregated expensive and cheap domain names that were made available on such platforms as godaddy, dynadot, sedo, namejet, and more - all in one place.

Premium Domain Registration

Are you looking for an exclusive domain name for your business? You can browse our database of the rarest premium domain names that can be your next wise investment in the business growth.

Domain Registration Prices

The domain name registration price depends heavily on the one(s) you choose - namely, SEO ranking, uniqueness, popularity and any extra tools included in the purchase are the factors that determine how much it will cost you. Besides, different TLDs come at a different price, too - a .coffee TLD will be more expensive than the simple .com.

Domain Registration Fee

Our fee policy is plain and transparent. We take a fixed fee for our domain services to power them and keep them 100% top-notch. As a bonus, we provide discounts for bulk domain name registration.

Domain Registration Payment Services

We accept a variety of payment methods for any preference to ensure your purchase is as convenient for you as possible. You can make a transaction for your new domain name(s) using one of the following methods:

  • Bitcoin;
  • Credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, and Visa Electron);
  • Qiwi;
  • Yandex Money;
  • Paynet.