Transfer Domain Name from Dreamhost

Transfer Domain Name from Dreamhost

Have you been feeling like trying out a different provider? Or maybe someone bought a domain from you and you need a transfer? In any case, moving your domain to another registrar can be a breeze if you follow a set of simple instructions which we have compiled for you in this guide.


Transfer Domain Name to Reg Names

If you’re looking for a registrar change, we recommend Reg Names for their exceptional plasticity and high-quality service. In this article we will demonstrate how to transfer a domain away from Dreamhost to a Reg Names account. The procedure can be divided into several steps:

  1. Removing the lock from your domain;
  2. Correcting your WHOIS settings;
  3. Acquiring the authorization code;
  4. Approving and completing the transfer.

Below we have described the details for each section.

Removing the Lock From Your Domain

A lock on your Dreamhost domain makes it unavailable for transfer both within your platform and to other registrars. To remove it, log in to your account go to the “Registrations” section in the dashboard panel. If it says “Yes” under the “Locked?” section, click on the word to change it to “No”.

Dreamhost.Removing the Lock From Your Domain

You can also check whether the required domain is locked by looking it up on WHOIS and checking out the “Domain Status” section - if the status of your domain is “Ok”, then it’s unlocked.

Correcting Your WHOIS Settings

To proceed with the transfer, you must have your actual contact details registered on the WHOIS website. This is not the case while the “Privacy” mode is on - instead of your own contacts, the email of DreamHost will be in place to protect your confidentiality. Therefore, to unlock it you must go to the “Registrations” section on your dashboard and find the “Modify Whois?” column.

Dreamhost.Correcting Your WHOIS Settings

Pick the domain you need and proceed to uncheck the “Privacy” section on the following page. Make sure to leave the “Opt Out” option checked.

Dreamhost.Correcting Your WHOIS Settings

The next page will offer you to modify your contact details. It is essential that you insert the correct email address, as you will use it to receive the confirmation of the transfer.

Dreamhost.Correcting Your WHOIS Settings

Acquiring the Authorization Code

You will need the authorization key in order to confirm the transfer with the provider you’re transferring to. You will find the required link if you click on the “Reg. Transfer” section of the dashboard. Locate the “Start transfer to Dreamhost” button and find a line saying “Or transfer away from Dreamhost” below it.

Dreamhost.Acquiring the Authorization Code

Click on it to display the list of domains with the option to reveal the code next to the domain name. Save the code for the future steps.

Dreamhost.Acquiring the Authorization Code

Approving the Transfer From Your Reg Names Account

In your Reg Names account, go to the “Domains” section and type in the name of the domain to be transferred. The page should offer you to type in the authorization code that you obtained from Dreamhost earlier. When you’ve done this, proceed to checkout and pay for the transfer. Finally, you will receive an email requesting your approval - without that, the domain won’t be released.

Transfer Domain Name to Another Person

Instead of transferring away, you might be interested in switching to DreamHost or even to a different provider. The procedures are quite straightforward - see for yourself in the comprehensive explanations below.

Transferring to Another Person From Dreamhost

In order to perform a transfer to DreamHost, first of all, you need to ensure your domain is supported by the provider. If it is, start by logging in to your DreamHost account and go to the “Reg Transfer” section on the dashboard. Find the “Start Transfer to DreamHost” button and enter the name of the domain that you need in the window appearing on the following page.

Dreamhost.Transferring to Another Person From Dreamhost

Request transfer and proceed to disabling the “Privacy” mode and entering your contact details. On the form with your details you will also see the “AUTH CODE” field where you will need to enter the code that you acquired from the person you’re transferring the domain from. You can also choose whether the current registrant is a user of DreamHost or a different platform, and depending on that you might have to enter additional information.

Dreamhost.Transferring to Another Person From Dreamhost

Finally, continue to payment and request transfer, which will have to be approved by the registrant.

Transferring to Another Person i.e. Registrar

The exact procedure of transfer will differ depending on the registrar that you’re choosing to transfer to, so make sure to look it up beforehand. However, the basic format stays the same:

  1. Turn off the lock and privacy settings.
  2. Acquire the keys.
  3. Apply them in the recipient’s account.

Transfer to Another Account

If you want to transfer a domain within the DreamHost platform, you will need to follow the exact procedure from appropriate section, and in the final steps choose the option “Use DreamHost Nameservers” - this will mean you’re transferring to the nameservers of DreamHost, modulating the time required for transfer.

How Long Does Domain Transfer From Dreamhost Take?

DreamHost differentiate between registrants transferring within their platform and moving their domains between different registrars. Thus, if you transfer between two DreamHost’s own nameservers, you will experience hardly any downtime and the transfer might complete in minutes. If you transfer to a different registrar, it might take up to several days.

How to Enable Domain Transfer on a Dreamhost Account?

The main part of activating the availability for transfer for your domain is ensuring you deactivate the transfer lock for the domain in question. This can be done through the “Registrations” section where you will need to navigate the “Locked?” column and make sure it says “No” underneath.

How Much Does It Cost to Transfer a Domain From Dreamhost?

The transfer of a domain from DreamHost usually has the same price as renewal or registration. The cost can range from $10 to $110, with some domains, such as .auto, being as expensive as $2500.

What Can Cause a Transfer to Fail?

DreamHost transfers are generally successful. However, there are a few reasons they might go wrong. Here are a few of them:

  • The registrant sending out a transfer does not approve it via email;
  • Incorrect authorization key;
  • Transfer prohibited due to being locked;
  • Domain used to use DNSSEC with the previous registrar;
  • You have not waited 60 days since the domain’s purchase.


Transferring a domain from DreamHost can be divided into several stages: turning off the lock, disabling the “Private” mode and approving your WHOIS contacts, acquiring and utilizing the authorization code, and confirming the transfer via email. It generally doesn’t take longer than a few days and can vary in cost depending on the domain. Keep an eye on some of the most common issues, including typing in the code incorrectly or transferring too soon after registration.