Transfer Domain Name from Namecheap

Transfer Domain Name from Namecheap

There are a lot of reasons which can force someone to transfer their website to another hosting. Among the most frequently encountered are unsuitable terms, poor performance, the need to expand the functionality, data storage capacity, search engines or SPAM prevention blacklists, etc.


Transfer Domain Name to Reg Names

Regardless of your reasoning, domain transfer is an important procedure. It requires precaution and lots of aid from the registrar. Reg Names is at your service here, ready to provide you with extensive support throughout the whole process of transferring your domain. The process itself looks like this:

  1. Login to your Namecheap account, confirm the contact and owner data;
  2. Unlock the transfer and request the authorization code;
  3. Login to your Reg Names account and prepare for the transfer;
  4. Proceed to order the domain name transfer;
  5. Wait until the transfer is finished.

Login to Your Namecheap Account, Confirm the Contact and Owner Data

Log into your Namecheap account and prepare the domain name for transfer. For this purpose, you have to go to "Domain List", chose the needed domain and click on the "Manage" button.

Namecheap.Login to Your Namecheap Account, Confirm the Contact and Owner Data

Unlock the Transfer and Request the Authorization Code

Before transferring your domain to another host, confirm your contact information. Verify the email addresses and make sure that you can access them. To make the procedure easier, it is better to submit the same email address for both Registrant and Administrator Contacts. If you need to edit any data, you should do it at this step.

Namecheap.Unlock the Transfer and Request the Authorization Code

The next important action is to unlock your domain for transfer. Go to the "Sharing & Transfer" and click "Unlock". Then, request the domain transfer authorization code by clicking the "Auth Code" button. This code is sent to contact email, so make sure that you received it. You will have to submit this code when registering your domain at Reg Names.

Namecheap.Unlock the Transfer and Request the Authorization Code

Login to Your Reg Names Account and Prepare for the Transfer

Sign up with Reg Names if you haven't already. Login to your account, get acquainted with interface, settings and pricing.

Proceed to Order the Domain Name Transfer

Now, it is time to transfer your domain to Reg Names. Go to the "Domains" panel and click "Transferring Your Domain".

The system will ask you whether the domain transfer is unlocked. Here, you need to enter the authorization code sent by Namecheap to the contact email.

Check your DNS settings and review all the registration details.

Wait Until the Transfer Is Finished

When the process will be finished (according to the rules, it should take no longer than three days), Reg Names would send the notification. And. of course, if any problems should arise, we will immediately get in touch with you. The last step would be the confirmation of your billing plan and service terms. Minimally, we charge an annual domain name registration fee.

Transfer Domain Name to Another Person

If you are an owner of a domain name which you do not need anymore, it is possible to sell it to another person. There are two possible options described below.

Transferring to Another Person on Namecheap

The process is simple and consists of unlocking the transfer, ordering the authorization code and passing it to the new owner. They, in turn, have to submit this code under their account in Namecheap, affirm the contact/owner details, and decide on the desired payment plan. Every time certain actions are required or changes are approved, you will be alerted. It helps to keep an eye on every step and be sure the domain transfer is done correctly.

Transferring to Another Person i.e. Registrar

Similarly to the above option, you would need to check the correctness of current owner details, release the transfer blocking, request the authorization code, and, upon receival, submit it to the representative new owner. Their further actions depend on the chosen registrar but in essence it goes like this: they log into their account, order the domain transfer, provide the authorization code and determine the suitable hosting terms.

Transfer Domain Name to Another Account

This option is the most simple:

  1. Unlock transfer within the respective section;
  2. Order the authorization code;
  3. Login to the new account;
  4. Order the domain name transfer and provide the code;
  5. Choose the billing plan.

How Long Does the Domain Transfer From Namecheap to Reg Names Take

The duration of your domain transfer depends on the proceeding of your request at Namecheap. In most cases, the transfer process is finished within 24 hours. To speed up the domain transferring procedure, respond to all email notifications from the old and new registrar as soon as possible.

How to Enable Domain Transfer on Namecheap Account

Domain name transfer is unlocked and the confirmation code is requested in the "Sharing & Transfer" section of domain management options ("Domain List" > "Manage").

How Much Does It Cost to Transfer a Domain Name From Namecheap

The domain name registration/support annual fee depends on its domain level and specific root zone (the part of the name after the last dot). The most internationally popular are .com, .net and .org. Reg Names offers a wide range of root domain zones at different prices. Keep in mind that if your domain name is currently paid in advance when transferring to Reg Names, you will need to pay at least a single annual fee which will also extend the current advance term of your domain by another year.

What Can Cause a Transfer to Fail

The process of domain transfer requires certain steps and preparation. Transferring a domain name from Namecheap can fail due to a variety of reasons:

  • If you activated your domain with Namecheap less than 60 days ago;
  • If you provided incorrect information while registering the domain;
  • If your authorization code is wrong or expired. To avoid the mistake, it is better to copy the authentication code to the new hosting immediately upon receiving;
  • If your domain is inactive or unpaid;
  • If Namecheap disallowed the domain transfer due to security concerns. In this case, you have to contact their tech support service.


In fact, the domain transfer without professional assistance is rarely quick and simple. Many other potential stumbling blocks can appear during the process. It is simply impossible to list all the possible problems that can be encountered. However, you can always entrust domain transferring to the experienced Reg Names team which will prevent all possible issues.