Domain names and domain services.

Domains For Sale

Sale of internet domain names is a popular practice: you might find that it's an excellent solution if you want a quick start for your business campaign, or to create a foundation for your website design. Best domain names for sale usually include premium, high-quality and catchy web addresses consisting of a few letters or syllables. Premium domains for sale are designed to be memorable and presentable to attract as many users as possible. They might also come in a package containing a ready made logo and website design suggestions.

You can search domain names for sale using a number of online platforms and tools, such as Reg Names. Platforms and services like that often provide an additional opportunity to put up your own website domains for sale or request a list.

Available Domain Names For Sale

You can search website names for sale applying different criteria depending on your needs and preferences: extensions and TLDs, features and price, number of syllables.

Premium Domain Names For Sale

You can find a list of premium domain names for sale on Reg Names, as well as any major registrar that has its own domain name marketplace.

Expired Domains For Sale

If you're looking to reclaim someone else's domain, it can be easily done as long as it's expired. Search expired domain names for sale put up by their previous hosts to save money and get the best and most popular web addresses.

Auction Domain Names For Sale

A number of online services regularly organise auctions for expired and used domain names for sale. Find the perfect matching name for your website project on the following platforms:

  • Dynadot;
  • Godaddy;
  • Sedo.

Brandable Domain Names For Sale

If you're looking for premium domain names for sale that already have a unique brand-new design and logo attached to them, you can use services like BrandPa that provide top quality retail, media, fashion or business domain names for sale with a visual layout package.

Old Domain Names For Sale

You can purchase old or ready-to-expire domains for reduced fees and gain the same profit for your enterprise. Search domain name sales prices to find the best deal on offer.

Search Domain Names For Sale

Lookup services for internet domain names for sale are available on Reg Names as well as other domain marketplaces and registrars. In addition, you can utilise the WHOIS Lookup function to conduct a worldwide search for all existing domains.

Search Domains By Numbers and Letters

Pick the domain availability search tool of your choice: use keywords, numbers and letter combinations.

  • Short domain names for sale can be found by restricting your search settings to a specific number of symbols;
  • 3,4,5 letter domains for sale are on offer in most domain marketplaces;
  • One word domains for sale will give you the most noteworthy domains that will make your business website stand out;
  • Look up domains with numbers if you're looking for something more laconic and neater.

Domain Extensions For Sale

It only makes sense to reserve several extensions for your domain name to prevent other websites taking them and attract users to your address through several different links. Find domain names for sale with different extensions and varying prices.

  • TLD domains for sale. Look up a specific TLD if you have a definite orientation and high standards;
  • Country codes domains for sale. Go local with ccTLDs like .uk and .in;
  • Generic domains for sale. You can never go wrong with the standard and most popular choices of .com, .org and .net;
  • Second level domains. Expand your domain name and specify your intentions by using second level domains like or;
  • Geography. Choose a prestigious domain extension that will show where your audiences lie by going for .london, .rio, etc.

List Domains For Sale By Features

If your website has a specific professional orientation, you might want to choose a domain name that will reflect exactly where you see yourself on the market and place yourself on the same level with your colleagues and competitors. Search website domain names for sale by clarifying the features that you want it to have:

  • Financial domain names for sale. Look up web domains for sale in the financial area if your business is related to digital currencies, banking and finance analysis;
  • Real estate domain names for sale. This category will suit companies with business in the hospitality industry and room renting;
  • Photography domain names for sale. Look up branded domains for the art and media industry workers to create a stunning and creative website that will suit your style;
  • Education domain names for sale. Make your school or online academy modern and contemporary with a captivating website name.

Cheap Domain Names For Sale

You can buy domain names for sale in any financial category suiting any budget and still have an impressive website by refining your searches or generating a domain name for your business online.

Expensive Domains For Sale

If your goal is creating a presentable and authoritative website that will impress your coworkers and business contestants, you will need to search premium domain names for sale for the most personalised and easy to remember top level domains.

Search GEO Domains For Sale

A list of domain names for sale can be refined by any category, such us a specific geographical location. Turning to a domain name that tells the user where the website is based creates a more trustworthy and reliable character.

  • Australia. Australians can show that their website is based on the continent by using the TLD .au;
  • India. Indian users have the extension .in to demonstrate their location;
  • Pakistan. The TLD .pk specifies that your IP originates in Pakistan.

Buy Domain Names For Sale

Once you've chosen the perfect domain name for your website, proceed to checkout. Make sure the platform you're using supports the payment method of your preference. Reg Names are known to be flexible with the options:

  • By Bitcoin. If your main payment method is by using digital currency, Reg Names are ready to provide you with the corresponding checkout option;
  • By credit card. Whichever bank you're supporting, you can pick VISA or MasterCard without any commission;
  • By Qiwi. Keeping money in an electronic wallet has become a popular choice in the past years. If this is about you or you simply don't have your card available, there will always be a Qiwi option;
  • By Yandex Money Wallet. The electronic wallet users from Russia and Eastern Europe that don't use Qiwi are secure with the Yandex Money Wallet checkout;
  • By Paynet. Managing multiple wallets from a single platform is a smart option for those that move around multiple countries a lot. Pick Paynet as you pay to match your personal circumstances.

Transfer Domain Names For Sale

Have you recently purchased a domain and now want to transfer it to a different registrar? The process can be made simple by following a simple instruction and making sure you avoid common mistakes. Upon waiting for 60 days since purchase, you can start by unlocking the purchased domain and acquiring the authorization key. Then enter it on the recipient's page and approve transfer. Many services will also require you to turn off privacy settings - in any case, the waiting should not take you more than several days.

How to See If a Domain Is For Sale

Have you been contemplating a domain name that you particularly like, but you're not sure if you can buy it? You can simply request or find a list of domain names for sale on any marketplace to check it out. Another option would be the WHOIS Lookup tool, which is freely available on the web.

How to Sell a Domain Name

Do you have a website that you're no longer using or that is not relevant to your current business area? You can sell the domain name and earn extra money on any marketplace for an insignificant fee or even for free. Make sure to put up a realistic price: consider the domain's TLD, readability, traffic and length. You can also list it in one of the selling services like GoDaddy or Sedo if you're looking for a more straightforward option.