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Two essential parts of achieving business success are getting a personalized work email and creating your own website. A high-quality presentation of your firm will aid you in acquiring reputation on the market and in professional circles. To make a great site, you’ll need to think about its design, UI and, of course, a domain name.


Getting an appropriate domain name will demonstrate your attitude towards business and show exactly where you place your company and customer relationships on the priority rank. Making this decision might be a tricky task, but once you know your preferences you should start by checking domain name availability. This article will expand on everything you need to know to check domain availability and make the right choice for your website.

Check Domain Availability

You will find multiple ways to check if domain is available - a number of domain name search availability tools are in free access on the web, as well as some more sophisticated methods for bulk checks. Below we outlined the two possibilities.

Any Domain Availability Check

The most basic method of checking web domain availability is by using a domain availability tool such as Reg Names - these can be easily found online by searching “Is my domain name available?”. Another simple way is to employ the WHOIS Lookup tool.

Bulk Domain Availability Check

The methods of checking for available website domain names in bulk may vary - you can choose whichever way is more convenient for you:

  • From a list. Major checkers will always have an option to type in a list of names to verify, e.g. Reg Names, Namecheap;
  • From a file. You should also be able to download a file containing domain names you want to check;
  • From a link to some page.

Free Domain Availability Check

Although some providers might charge you a fee for an available domains list, most will provide the service of checking website domain availability and a record of their available TLDs for free.

Search Available Domains

Domain availability search can be conducted by various criteria: extensions, features, countries, expirations. Whether you’re looking for a website address available worldwide or in a specific geographical location, there are tools to assist you.

Search By Extensions

Is this domain name available with a specific TLD? Maybe you’re wondering whether you should reserve several extensions for your domain name to ensure users don’t get confused between two websites with the same name but different extensions. In any case, you can look it up for all kinds of specifications:

  • Any TLD. Look up domain names with any TLDs;
  • Generic TLD. Generic extensions like .com and .org can be chosen as search criteria;
  • Country Codes TLD. Search by extensions such as .uk or .ru;
  • Geographic TLD. Search available top level domains in the GeoTLD category, such as .london or .asia.

Search Available Domains By Features

You can look up domains in a specific area of industry for your enterprise to make your website stand out and look significant on the market.

  • Real Estate. Find available domain extensions for the real estate industry, e.g. room booking and hospitality services;
  • Business. Professional names for your company to be easily recognisable and memorable;
  • E-commerce. Specialised names for e-commerce platforms: marketplaces, online stores, etc.

Search Available Domains By Countries

If you want to make your page look more local and register internationally, you might want to check web address availability for a specific country with a list of country code TLDs.

  • United Kingdom (UK). For websites based in the UK, search for domains with .co.uk TLD;
  • India. If you’re based in India, check website name availability for the .in TLD;
  • United States (US). Look patriotic with the special .us registration.

Search Available Premium Domain Names

The highest-level domains have the shortest and hence most memorable addresses, often consisting of one word or even just a couple of characters. This feature is valued strongly on the market due to the high demand by companies that want their website address to match their name, making them look more prestigious and attracting more customers. You can check if a domain name available with any combination of symbols or letters using a search tool such as Reg Names.

Search Available Expired Domain Names

It might often be cheaper and easier to backorder an expired domain name owned by someone else than register a completely new one and buy a registration. Search expired domain names using WHOIS Lookup and make your move.

Search Available Auction Domains

Expired domain name auctions are an excellent opportunity to buy a top level premium domain with a catchy combination of letters and a solid extension like .com or .biz. A few providers organise these:

  • Dynadot;
  • Godaddy;
  • Sedo.

Available Domain Suggestion

If you’re not sure what you want your future website to be called, or if you don’t mind the address, you can use random domain name generator to create a name that will suit your preferences.

Suggest By Extensions

You can generate names with specific extensions to make them look more relevant to the type of content your website contains, e.g. .science.

Suggest By Features

Apply a filter to generate themed and personalised domain names for your business or personal use, such as based on your interests or the industry you’re working in.

Suggest Premium Domains

Is my domain available? Rather than looking up countless lists and searching for the needed combination, you can find a name that will demonstrate the class of your business by applying keywords you want it to contain.

Suggest Auction Domains

Search domains that have been put up for an auction sale by typing in keywords and extensions that you would like them to comprise using any one of the most popular services that run auctions on a regular basis:

  • Dynadot;
  • Godaddy;
  • Sedo;
  • SnapNames;

Buy Available Domains

Now that you’ve found the perfect domain name, you’ll need to purchase a registration for it for the following year. Reg Names gives you the option of choosing the way of payment as well as the most convenient currency.

Available Domains By Bitcoin

You can use the most widespread digital currency to perform a fast and secure transaction to buy your domain name - just choose the corresponding option at checkout.

Available Domains By Credit Card

Whether you prefer VISA, MasterCard or a less conventional payment method, Reg Names have the right option for you:

  • VISA. Fast and secure checkout through your bank or through the dedicated VISA Checkout service;
  • MasterCard. This option also available at checkout with no extra fees;
  • Payoneer. Choose this less common, but still fairly popular way of payment if you dislike the more major firms.

Available Domain Names By Qiwi

If you prefer online wallets and electronic ways of money storage to regular bank accounts for your shopping, Reg Names are ready to accommodate you by providing a Qiwi wallet checkout option.

Available Domain Names By Yandex Money Wallet

For our Eastern European clients, Reg Names have installed the Yandex Money Wallet option to ensure they’re not left out.

Available Domains By Paynet

If you manage your money through several wallets on Paynet, this option will be perfect for you to choose whichever currency and storage method if the most convenient for you at any given moment.